Books read in 2022

I read alot more than I review so I thought I’d try and keep a list of all books I read (or want to read) this year.

Whilst I only review crime fiction, I’m always happy to hear about other books worth a read so get in touch if you have any suggestions!


Recommended by a friend this was a great read about 2 sisters seperated by a plane crash. Utterly compelling story that flips between the two sides. Not for feint hearted flyers though!
Fascinating read of a real life Criminal Minds. Dr Ann Burgess was the first female member of the FBI’s behavioural science unit and her pioneering work changed the way that crime was investigated. Highly recommend.
This was a present from my sister.
Interesting read about a mother with dementia, as her daughter struggles to cope with looking after her secrets emerge that shows her mother might not be who she thought she was.

February 2022

Absolutely superb. No other words to describe this fantastic take on a serial killer story.