My list of 40 things

Back a few years ago, in the year I turned 40 I was encouraged to write a list of 40 things to do (See here for original post Absolute Friends – updated list) Here is that list in full. Sadly it wasn’t all completed but like all good lists it’s a work in progress.

Next will be 50 things when I’m 50!

  1. Eat at the Rattle Owl – Done 14th April
  2. Complete the TOPCWF 2016 – Done July 2016
  3. Afternoon tea at the Grand (My friend has already volunteered for that) – Done 17th June with Michelle
  4. See Orangutans in Borneo (actually a possibility as I’m going to Thailand at the end of the year) – Done December 
  5. Eat a pizza in Italy – Done 3rd May in Turin
  6. Learn how to take good pictures – Done Course at Beningborough Hall 16th May
  7. Learn how to ride a bike – Done (well I managed to ride round Sherwood Forrest and only fell off once so it counts) 29th August
  8. Learn how to crochet – Done thanks to a book a friend lent me November
  9. Do a park run in at least 4 different cities (I was going to say 40 but thought that was rather excessive)
  10. Go on a wine tasting course and actually put it into practice (no more ordering ‘red wine, whatever is cheapest’!) – Done 1st October at the Guildhall. 
  11. Bluebell walk – Done 9th May Hogg Wood, Dunnington
  12. Horse ride on a beach (I do ride horses so its not such a long shot)
  13. Grow sweetcorn – Tried rather than done.
  14. Ride in a hot air balloon – 10 May 
  15. Visit Blackpool – done twice
  16. Visit the Tower of London – Done 16th October with Mr F
  17. Go on a Jack the Ripper walk – Done 14th October with The Sister
  18. Visit Cromer – Done 11 April 2017
  19. Go on a pony trek – Done
  20. Paint or draw a picture that actually looks like the thing its meant to
  21. Make a chinese meal from scratch – Done 13th August
  22. Visit 4 new National Trust Houses – Done
  23. Ride on a steam train
  24. Do an open water swim – Done December Sea counts as open water!
  25. Take 4 different pictures of Roundhay Park across the 4 seasons
  26. Run 4 10ks – Done Derwent Dash 15th May, Leeds 10th Jul, York 7th Aug, Yorkshire Coast 30th Oct.
  27. Row a boat
  28. Visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park – Done 22nd Oct with Mr F and Friends.
  29. Go to the Manchester Sealife Centre – Done 16th September
  30. See an Opera
  31. Make a daisy chain – Done April
  32. Go to the Horse Trials – Done 9th Oct Askham Bryan College
  33. Collect pine cones in a wood – Done 9th May Hogg Wood
  34. Go on a bat walk
  35. Have a picnic – done
  36. Visit to the seaside – Done 18th Aug Scarborough
  37. Watch a sunrise – Done in Cromer (despite a bit of cloud)
  38. Glass walk over Tower Bridge – Done 16th Oct
  39. Make a cake with a child – Done
  40. One thing of Mr F’s choosing – Done Visit to the Emmerdale set