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Black Coffee

Well the two week holiday is over, the suitcase is unpacked, and the summer clothes have been swopped for thermals. Hong Kong was an amazing city, although the problem with having such a busy couple of weeks is that there wasn’t much time for reading.

In fact I only managed one and a half books which is less than I normally read when working full time. The book I managed to complete was called Gweilo: Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood by Martin Booth. This recounted his childhood in the 1950s which he spent in Hong Kong.

Obviously this along with two big guidebooks was required reading for my holiday. It was a fascinating book that was brought to life by being able to visit the places he talked about. He lived in both Kowloon, and at the Peak on Hong Kong Island so many of the trips we took, he had been there first. Although I didn’t follow him in trying a 1000 year old egg, unidentifiable balls of gluten was as adventurous as my food eating got. I did however have the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted, not to mention the most expensive, drunk whilst gazing into the window of Tiffanys (how the other half live!)

Hong Kong was an amazing place, with some real contrasts of culture and scenary. We had a non stop two weeks from Big Budda’s at the top of a cable car ride, to light shows across the Harbour. From hiking up a mountain, to riding the worlds longest escalator. From sampan rides through a floating fishing village, to an express elevator to the 47th floor. Hong Kong really does have it all, including my very cute Goddaughter dressed for Halloween.

Whilst I would happily have stayed in Hong Kong a lot longer, its now back to reality (not to mention the cold and dark weather which was a bit of a shock after the sun and heat) At least dark nights mean more time for reading so normal crime blogging service will be resumed shortly!

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