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The Hike by Lucy Clarke – a review

I spotted this whilst browsing on Netgalley and thought it sounded right up my street so downloaded it ready for a recent trip away.

The Hike starts with four friends who get together for an annual trip away and a catch up. In a change from their usual spa weekend this time they decide on something a bit more adventurous, a Norwegian Mountain Hike. They intend to spend two days hiking up a mountain from their base in a back packers lodge. However when they arrive they soon realise that the Mountain is not as idyllic as it seems and people on the trail will go to any lengths to protect their secrets.

The Hike was an interesting tale that I enjoyed despite some bits seeming a little bit far fetched. I enjoyed the characters of the four contrasting friends, each so different from each other as only those in novels can be.

The setting of this novel was really good. The descriptions of the area were vivid and gave a real sense of atmosphere and menace to the story. The contrast between the friendly cosy lodge and the harsh conditions in the Wilderness where conditions can change in minutes were stark.

This was a book that started slowly as the characters are introduced and we find out what brings them to the point we meet them. But the tension soon starts to ramp up as they head further along the trail into the Mountains. I enjoyed the cast of characters and like any good story there are plenty of twists and red herrings throughout.

The ending wasn’t as dramatic as some but it did tidy everything up nicely without leaving loads of loose ends so was satisfying. If you like a story of tested friendships set in bleak surroundings then this is the book for you.

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