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A time to kill

Acrimereadersblog is moving into the modern age (albeit temporarily) This post is being written on an iPad leant to me for a recent trip away. Now it’s incredibly good fun using it, however I’ve already found one of the biggest problems with this kind of gadget, it’s way too distracting. I downloaded a book on it and prepared to start reading, but then I suddenly thought of a discussion I was having at the weekend and decided I’d find out more about it. Had I been at home or using my own first edition kindle I would have had a fleeting thought about looking it up but quickly realised that getting out my laptop and waiting a good ten minutes for it to boot up was just not worth the effort so I’d have gone back to my reading. However with the cleverness that is an iPad the Internet is right there at my fingertips without any waiting.
Of course that means that whilst I’m on the internet I might as well check my emails, and if I’m checking my main account I might as well check my other one too. That account is the one I use to sign up to things with, so it’s full of exciting looking special offers. There is one for a Greek restaurant that sounds nice, I’ll have a look at that. The restaurant is not the one I’m thinking of and is miles away. I’ll have a look at the menu anyway. It’s got stuffed vine leaves on the menu, these have got mince in them. I thought stuffed vine leaves were made with vegetarian  rice, I’ll have a look. Turns out stuffed vine leaves can be made with either mince or rice, although in Greece they are usually vegetarian. 
I’m hungry now after all that searching for food, so I wander what I should have for tea. I’m away at the moment so it’s restaurant time. Which one though, I’ll do a search. I’ve found one that looks nice, ah but I see it’s described as bohemian. I don’t think anyone would ever describe me as bohemian. Although what does bohemian actually mean? Wikipedia again, Bohemian means either a native of Bohemia which I’m definitely not, or someone who acts with no regard for conventional rules. Well that’s certainly not me, I don’t even cross a road without a green man showing.
I wander when green men were first invented? 1969 apparently to replace the panda crossing. A friend of mine likes pandas, I bet she doesn’t know there used to be a thing called a panda crossing, I’ll have to tell her. What were panda crossings? Good old wiki tells me they were meant to replace the zebra crossing. Why are they all called after animals? It’s not like it’s even one species of animal, there used to be something called a puffin crossing I think as well. Puffins are birds aren’t they? They are on the RSPB website  so they must be birds. Puffin is the name of a childrens book publisher, I don’t remember what they published, luckily it’s all too hand. Ladybird books were the other one I remember from childhood. We had an infestation of ladybirds when we first moved into our new office, but come to think of I’ve not seen any for ages. Maybe ladybirds are seasonal? There must be a ladybird website out there. Someone once told me ladybirds have sex for hours, According to ladybird facts they can have sex for 9 hours at a time. My friends had spent a very productive afternoon watching a pair in their back garden, hopefully not for the full 9 hours. Surely there are better ways to spend an afternoon? 
That’s a point what are we going to do this weekend? I wander if there is anything interesting happening, it’s only the beginning of the week but no harm in planning ahead. There must be an online what’s on guide. Hang on did I decide what I was having for tea? What was I meant to be doing again? Oh yes reading a book, but somehow the whole morning as gone and I’ve not read a word of my book yet. This iPad lark is just way too distracting.

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A stain on the silence

I’m interested in when and where people like to read, and it always amazes me when people say they don’t have time to read, or can’t find the space.  

I like to bookend (phrase of the week here in the office) my day with reading. I always read last thing at night. Sometimes it can be a good few chapters, other times it’s a couple of pages and I may have to re-read them the following day – obviously that’s nothing to do with the amount of red wine that may or may not have been consumed prior to reading, sometimes I just like to re-read pages honestly!

I also like to read first thing in the morning, in the bath, whilst eating my breakfast, sometimes whilst having a cup of coffee and working out if I can shave another 5 minutes off my commute to work. Unfortunately reading doesn’t always happen where I live. Take yesterday morning for example, it was a bit chilly so I got up to turn the heating on, made a coffee and took it back upstairs to drink whilst the house heated up.

There’s a knock on the door. My neighbour (we’ll call her Hilda1) She likes to knock on my door, usually about 7am to tell me all the important news from the street. Yesterday’s news for those of you interested, was that the workman outside have dug a big hole in the street. Its good to be told news like this just in case the flashing lights, workman signs and big barriers around the gap in the pavement hadn’t quite made the point that there was a hole. By the time Hilda1 has gone back across the street its too late for coffee and a read, so I run a bath.

There’s a knock on the door. My other neighbour (we’ll call her Hilda2) She likes to knock on my door, usually about 7.30am to tell me the parking situation in the street. Today she was taking her bike to be serviced so I shouldn’t worry if I noticed the bike was gone. Well aren’t we all happier for knowing that. By the time Hilda2 has finished her story the bath water is cold so no time for lazy reading, will leave it til breakfast.

As it sit down to my toast and book, Hilda2 decides to start her bike ready to go off for its service. Now Hilda2’s bike is not some nice little push bike, or even just one of those hair dryer powered scooters that are all the rage, oh no. She has a full sized, full powered Harley Davidson.

In case anyone hasn’t been near one of these before, it’s like I imagine standing underneath a jumbo jet just before take off would be, if said jumbo jet was revving the engine just for the fun of it. After 10 minutes of this I give up on the reading and head to work to drink my coffee in peace. Just as I’m leaving Hilda1 pops out again, she wanted to let me know that Hilda2 was going out on her bike. Well thanks for that, what would I do without her?

I wander if she’d be so keen to keep interrupting my personal space if I gave her a glimpse of my bookshelves and told her it was actually research! Hopefully it will rain at the weekend, at least that keeps all the neighbours inside and I’ll be able to get on with my reading.

PS In case you are worried, this mornings news is that today the hole will be filled in. I’m looking forward to seeing that tonight…


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