The Final Detail

I’ve recently been asked how the challenge is coming along. So unfortunately with only 2 weeks left to go its probably time to admit defeat, I am not going to manage to read a book by every author. However I’ve always believed that it is better to try and fail than never bother trying in the first place. I also believe that if you look like you are about to fail, change the goal posts!

By my counting (although as previously established numbers are not always my forte) there are 51 authors appearing at the TOPCWF. In order to give myself a fighting chance this count doesn’t include all those who will be at the dinner, just those speaking. Of these 51, 4 are in the science fiction talk so I don’t count them, so therefore I am left with 47.

As of today I have read books by 27 of them. I think that’s pretty good going and over 50% which would be a pass according to any exam board.

When it became clear that I wasn’t going to make the full quota I decided to change the challenge slightly (clarify the details it could be seen as!) Therefore I was going to try and make sure I’d read at least one author in every session. On this I’ve fared much better.

There are 18 sessions including the dinner. So far there are three I haven’t read anything in, ‘Crime in another dimension’ which as discussed is science fiction and therefore I may give it a miss. ‘Writing for your life’ which sees former journalists and intelligence agents talking. One of these is Tony Thompson and I am currently half way through his audio book ‘Gang Land: From Footsoldiers to kingpins’. The final one is ‘The Golden Age’ and I’ve nearly finished an excellent book by Nicola Upson.

Therefore I think I can safely say that the TOPCWFC (abridged version) is on target to complete. Of course a certain friend of mine was trying to insist that unless I bite the bullet and read one from ‘another dimension’ then I’m not allowed to class it as complete. Never one to step away from a challenge I have today downloaded a book by Stuart Macbride. I am however one to definitely step away from a challenge if it gets dull so I shall let you know how I get on!


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7 responses to “The Final Detail

  1. Mike

    At least you gave it a go! We’ll draw a discreet veil over your reluctance to read sci-fi. So now you’ve presided over an interesting and deeply personal blog. What’s next?

    • Well there is always next year’s festival!

      • Mike

        Of course, but what will you do until early 2013? I hope you’ll carry on reviewing crime books and maybe even invite people to contribute with their own reviews. Are there any other crime writing festivals you can link up with? It’s all good fun whatever you do.

  2. The fact you’ve read something from 15 out of the 18 sessions sounds pretty impressive to me. I hope you have a wonderful time, and look forward to reading all about it here 🙂

  3. The Sister

    You’ve managed to read far more for the festival than I have, but at least by reading your reviews I can pretend I know what the books are about! Well done and thank you!

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