The Forgotten Garden

After a rather busy few weeks, hopefully normal service can once again be resumed at acrimereadersblog. Having been working on a big event down in Brighton, time has very much been of the essence. Working weekends and evenings does tend to eat into time for other more enjoyable things such as seeing friends, and drinking wine.

However everything is back to normal now and as well as having wine dates booked in with friends, I’m fully up to date on the street antics.

Bringing in a hire car is always a spectator sport in our street and as soon as I pulled up the jungle drums were playing and everyone was out asking about it. As anyone who knows me will confirm, patience is not one of my strong points. This was evident early on in life when I was banned from playing with jigsaws as apparently you are meant to spend time looking for the bits that fit, not just use brute force. What I lack in patience I usually make up in manners but sometimes my street really does push even my polite smile to the limit.

Hilda1 and Hilda2 were the first on the scene to welcome me back. Before I’d even managed to drag my ridiculously large suitcase out of the car I was being regaled with stories from the past two weeks. This included high drama over the road where it turns out Marina has walked out on her husband and moved in with a woman. With winter fast approaching there is deep concern as to who is going to keep the ice at bay as this was previously her role (Winter Frost) There has also been a return of the mythical gangs which have been back out in force tearing up the street.  Apparently their latest attack (Previous can be found here) ended in them cutting down some of my buddlea. Handily for the Hildas this was also the piece that was overhanging the path and getting in their way. It of course also gave Hilda1 and Howard an excuse to point out that my garden was looking a bit forgotten. Well frankly if they spent less time twittering (and there are no computers involved in their version) then maybe I would have time to do something.

One thing that doesn’t stop no matter how busy I am, is of course reading (although my ability to find the time to actually write the reviews has been seriously compromised – have I mentioned I’ve been busy?) No matter what else is going on in my life I can always find time for books which is why it always amazes me when people say they don’t have the time to read. Of course this has its own problems when writing a book review blog as my ability to remember what each book was actually about tends to dwindle with every new book read. Luckily as a collector of notebooks I usually have one to hand and I’ve managed to make copious notes of most of them and hopefully I’ll catch up on reviews soon.

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