Sleep tight by Rachel Abbott – a review

This was one I downloaded prior to my holiday as it was free with my Kindle unlimited trial. I don’t think I’ve read anything by this author before so wasn’t sure what to expect.

Olivia turns to the police for the second time in her life when she fears her husband Robert, and children have gone missing. Two years later the police return, but this time it is Olivia who has gone with the children. She has left behind her purse and passport. Her husband is very controlling and their relationship is not as perfect as it might seem from the outside.

I thought this was an ok read, it was certainly enjoyable and there were some good plot twists. However I was a little disappointed as I felt some of the things were just a little bit too obvious. There were tampering with websites and pictures that it was pretty clear from the start would be easy to do on a computer. There was also a number of points where characters acted in ways I’m not really sure were realistic (difficult to explain without giving away spoilers which I always try not to do)

Equally however there were some really good bits that were very clever. It was quite reminiscent of Sleeping with the enemy although I imagine those comparisons get drawn with every thriller where an abusive husband is involved. Although it was a little slow to start with, the pace did pick up towards the later part of the book.

I found the differing points of view a little tricky to follow to start with but that improved as I got used to it. There was a certain claustrophobic feel to this book, as it seemed to me that there was very little description of surrounding areas, and other than the odd reference to Manchester it could have been set anywhere. Although this could be more down to my skim reading habit than the actual writing.

This was a reasonable holiday read, that kept me entertained until the end but I didn’t think it was one of the best things I’ve ever read. Saying that, I’d certainly try others by Rachel Abbot as I do think this is probably quite a difficult subject to write about in an unique way which may be where this fell down, and it was certainly a good choice for my kindle unlimited free trial.

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