Shatter the bones by Stuart MacBride – a review

Ok, so I have a confession to make. Stuart MacBride is talking in the science fiction session, therefore I had decided to ignore the authors in this until lunch with Mr T who told me I had to read one to complete the challenge.

So I took pot luck on my kindle, downloaded a Stuart MacBride and set off on yet another epic train journey. I’m very glad I took up the challenge, as I really enjoyed this book. However there is a part of me that suspects I may have picked the wrong author as there was not a trace of science fiction in this novel. The description of the session ‘Crime in another dimension’ actually states science fiction or urban fantasy. I have no idea what urban fantasy really means so I’ve Wikipedia-ed and apparently its a fantasy set primarily in a city that focuses for example, on coexistence between humans and paranormal beings.

This must be what classes this book as Urban Fantasy, as its based around a mother and daughter who are kidnapped after they become famous by appearing on the novel equivalent of X-factor. The mothers appearance on a show like this would therefore suggest she is not ‘normal’ so maybe this is the link to urban fantasy?

The story follows Jenny and Alison who are kidnapped after appearing on the show, and the public are told that in order for them to be released unharmed they have to raise millions of pounds. Logan is the officer investigating the crime, and is also dealing with a missing drug dealer and a stalker.

This was quite a good story, although it was obvious who the perpertrator was quite soon on in the book. However saying that there is a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming.

I thought the characters in the book were a little bit stereotyped, the lesbian policewoman, the tattooed girlfriend wearing studs and black leather, but there were enough twists and turns to make this an enjoyable read right through to the end.

I also did think some of the characters were a little bit fawlty towers which was slightly off putting, although this was usually tempered by something horrific happening to them, and you were brought back to crime and murder.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this and would definitely like to read some of his other books. It may also have tempted me to go along to the science fiction section, if just to see if I’ve read the right author!

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One response to “Shatter the bones by Stuart MacBride – a review

  1. Mike

    Quit your jibber jabber, fool, and get to that science fiction section.

    Mr T

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