Behind closed doors by B A Paris – a review

I was sent a copy directly from the publishers of Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris. As well as the excitement of being asked to read any kind of free book, this had the added bonus of being a real paper copy. However despite my clear excitement at the jiffy bag containing the book  arriving in the post, it’s still important that I write an honest review – therefore I’m pleased to say I thought this was excellent.

Jack and Grace seem like the perfect couple. They are clearly devoted to one another as they never leave each other’s side. They have the perfect house, and the perfect lifestyle at least on the outside. Jack works full time as a lawyer specialising in defending the victims of domestic abuse. Grace is sole carer for her sister Millie who has downs syndrome and when she leaves her current school Jack and Grace will have her live with them. To all their friends and colleagues it seems like a perfect domestic household. However, as the title of the book suggests, behind closed doors things are not what they seem.

I read this over the course of a weekend as I really didn’t want to put it down. The story flips between past and present. We start off by seeing Jack and Grace being the hosts to their friends at a dinner party before we flip back to find out how they met. The two time frames eventually merge to the grand finale which has a twist that I didn’t see coming but really appealed to my sense of justice.

I must admit that the story is a little hard to believe at first. How can one person possibly be kept prisoner by another? You think it would never happen to you, you’d be much too clever. However as the story progresses you realise just how manipulative some people can be and just how much fear can control lives.

This was one of those rare books that once I’d finished I had to stop and take a break rather than just pick up another book straight away. The impact of the story almost doesn’t hit you properly until you finish it, put it down and think about it. Having been involved in the local domestic abuse services charity as a volunteer a few years ago I have read a number of novels around the subject, yet this one stands out. Not only are the characters intriguing, the plot is fast moving and the quality of the writing seems really good. The two timelines were exceptionally well done and didn’t have me flicking backwards and forwards to keep it all straight like a lot of them do.

Behind Closed Door’s  is released in 2016 and I suspect it’s going to be one of next year’s best sellers. It definitely lived up to the initial excitement of receiving the jiffy bag.

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