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A selection of my books

So as previously mentioned. whilst I haven’t been reviewing much since lockdown I have still read quite alot, 33 books and 7 audio books to be precise.

There is part of me that for a split second seriously thought I would try and review all of the books I’ve read. However I soon realised that that was just a silly idea, even if I could remember them in enough detail it would be like painting the Forth Bridge, by the time I reviewed one another would be finished. Therefore I’m just going to list them here and move on.

So here they all are in no particular order. I have to say I enjoyed them all (I’m afraid life is too short to finish books I’m not enjoying) although some stand out more than others. The Last by Hanna Jameson is certainly memorable, I’m not sure reading a book about a group of survivors locked in a hotel after the world has ended is the best choice during a full lockdown! The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters, whilst not crime, was definitely one of the highlights, as was Nothing Important Happened Today by Will Carver. They are two I’d highly recommend, as I would the whole Susie Steiner series.

Overall I think I was pretty lucky with my choices of books during lockdown. Whilst I may not have done anything useful with my time like learn a language, or master the art of taxidermy I did manage to reduce my to be read pile significantly. Although this has led to me learning a new word – Abibliophobia. Apparently it is a fear of running out of reading material. As I live in York and we are heading into lockdown part 2 I can confirm this is definitely a real thing! Time to restock I think.

The List (23rd March – 8th October)

1 Susie Steiner – Remain Silent
2 Jessica Barry – Freefall
3 Helen Fitzgerald – Worse Case Scenario
4 Hanna Jameson – The Last
5 Christian White – The Nowhere Child
6 Joshilyn Jackson – Never Have I Ever
7 Balli Kaur Jaswal – Unlikely adventures of the Shergill Sisters
8 Bruce Goldfare – 18 Tiny Deaths
9 Alison Belshaw – The Tattoo Thief

10 J.S Monroe – Forget My Name
11 Julia Dahl – Conviction
12 Noir at the Bar
13 Tanen Jones – The Better Liar
14 Michael Donkor – Hold
15 Jane Harper – The Lost Man
16 Amrou Al-Kadhi – Life as a Unicorn
17 AJ Parker – The First Lie
18 Isobel Ashdown – The Lake Child
19 Afraid of the Light
20 Emily St John M – Station Eleven
21 Fiona Cummins – When I was ten
22 Louise Beech – I Am Dust
23 Tarryn Fisher – The Wives
24 Will Carver – Nothing Important Happened Today
25 Denise Mina – Conviction
26 Amanda Robson – My Darling
27 S J Watson – Final Cut
28 John Marrs – The Minders
29 Rod Reynolds – Blood Red City
30 Rachell Amphlett – Turn to Dust
31 Sherryl Clark – Dead and Gone
32 Kjell Ola Dahl – Sister
33 C L Taylor – Strangers
34 Nell Pattinson – Silent House

On top of those I also listened to a few audio books:
35 David Jackson – The Resident
36 Louise Candlish – The Other Passenger
37 Erin Kelly – We know You Know
38 John Marrs – What Lies Between Us
39 Lisa Jewell – Watching You
40 Phillippa East – Little White Lies
41 Lisa Jewell – One-hit Wonder

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  1. I really enjoyed station 11, I’m not sure it would count as crime fiction, though it did make me think that perhaps the pandemic wasn’t as bad as it could be.

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