Cakes and Mistakes

Well as you may have noticed I have been rather absent when it comes to this blog, and there has been a distinct lack of reviews. In fact since lockdown I haven’t really done any reviewing except for blog tours (and even then I’ve managed to miss a few and in one case post on the wrong day – sorry all lovely blog tour organisers!) During lockdown I have certainly not stopped reading, in fact I have made decent in-roads into my To Be Read pile. For some reason I have just been woefully lacking in motivation to sit  down and write.

Partly I blame the whole working from home situation. For me working from home has both good and bad sides. On the plus side I like not having to get up early and make myself look presentable (yes I am one of those who only straighten the front of my hair for zoom calls, in fact the back of my hair was bright purple for a while) I also like having flexibility in terms of hours, and found it gave me time to do things such as a lunchtime yoga class and clean the kitchen (It’s all rock and roll here)

However there has also been downsides. Having access to the fridge at all times means I end up having cheese on toast as a snack, and baking cakes for elevenses whereas at work I’d have an apple and a salad. Working on the kitchen table means everything takes twice the time it should do as I spend half my time looking out of the window watching what the rest of the street are doing. The main downside being however that I find after a day staring at a laptop on the aforementioned kitchen table, the last thing I want to then do is spend the evening staring at it again to catch up on reviews. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this, but it is a shame.

However now that we have moved back into the office part time things should start to improve. Of course working in the office has it’s own issues. There is a new habit at my place of all eating lunch together (socially distanced of course) which is quite nice, but it’s going on for an hour and a half, that’s just too much forced social time for my liking. There is also tape all over the floor to ensure that we socially distance correctly. I know it’s good that it is being taken seriously but honestly at the top of one stair case in order to keep behind the tape you have to stand on tip toes with your nose pressed againt the wall. We do all have our own coffee making facilities now though which is a bonus.

Hopefully being back in the office will mean things at home get back to a bit of a more normal routine. If nothing else I think I’ll give up my baking experiments and give that time back to reviewing. I suspect both Mr F and the pigeons in the garden who end up eating most of them are all going to be happy about that!

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